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            Company Profile

            Chenxin Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is located in Hongqiao Industrial Park, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province. The company is adjacent to Changtai river crossing bridge under construction and backed by Taixing public wharf, a class I open port. It has obvious advantages in water and road transportation. The enterprise is consist of two modules: production and installation. The palnt area for production is 300000 square meters, the workshop area is 55000 square meters, and the annual production capacity of steel structure is more than 100000 tons; Zhongchen installation company has more than 50 large and medium-sized construction equipment, more than 1000 installers, an annual installation capacity of 250000 tons, and a total annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan.

            Since its establishment, Chenxin Heavy Industry has adhered to the business philosophy of "Four Modernizations and One Stability, Intergrity Creates and Reaching a Bright Future", aspire to the customer view of "be trustworthy in word,implement with high efficiency for achieving results and growing together", continuously improve to raise the customer service quality level.

            Corporate Culture
            Brand Vision Centennial inheritance, integrity-based, all flowers bloom together, fully coverage for multiple fields
            Brand Values No man can stand without faith, and no industry can prosper without integrity
            Management Phil... Four Modernizations and One Stability, Integrity Creates and Reaching a Bright Future
            Brand Mission Confidently trust the beauty of life and enlighten the beauty of architecture
            Talent View Confidence Faith Trust
            Customer View Be trustworthy in words,implement with high efficiency for achieving results and growing together
            Enterprise Certificates
            Business License
            Construction Enterprise Qualification Certificate
            Safety Production License of Construction Enterprise
            Group Member Unit of China Steel Construction Society
            Membership card of China Building Metal Structure Association
            Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate
            AAA Quality Service Integrity Unit
            AAA Grade Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise
            Credit Rating Certificate
            Shanghai Construction Engineering Material Recording Certificate
            Development History

            Suzhou factory was established and put into operation

            Number of employees: 380

            Project: Saudi Kingom Tower, Suzhou Central Plaza

            10000 tons of export projects completed in the first year


            Establishment of installation company

            Number of installation staff: 200


            Chenxin Heavy Industry project, officially registered

            Number of employees: 450

            Project: Kazakhstan Expo 2017

            MGM canopy works, etc


            Taixing factory was in construction

            The scale of installation and processing continued to expand

            The total number of installation personnel was 450,

            The number of processing worker reached 550


            Trial production of Chenxin Heavy Industry

            Zhongchen Installation Company was incorporated

            Number of employees: 650

            Taixing public wharf was approved and started for construction


            Chenxin Heavy Industry was officially put into operation

            Passed ISO9001 system certification,

            Grade II qualification for professional contracting of steel structure

            Gradually enter transformation and upgrading


            Taixing public wharf was officially put into use

            The production capacity reached 100000 t / year

            The total number of processing and installation employees reaches 1800

            The enterprise has transformed and entered the stage of rapid development

            Organization Structure