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            Leading the development direction of domestic weather resistant bridge !

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            The bridge is known as the "pearl on the crown" of civil engineering. With the rapid development of China, a number of world-class super large projects are emerging, which are destined to become milestones and symbols of the new era.

            Compared with large-scale construction projects such as skyscrapers, stadiums, ports and docks, bridges not only need to bear their own load, but also have to withstand the huge impact of cars and trains passing at high speed and the test of various adverse weather conditions in the open air.

            With people's personalized demand for bridge steel construction, weather resistant bridge steel came into being.

            Weathering bridge steel (i.e. atmospheric corrosion-resistant bridge steel) can be developed and innovated continuously after being integrated into the new mechanism, new technology and new process of modern metallurgy. It is one of the series of steel types at the forefront of Super Steel Technology in the world. Weather resistant bridge steel is made of low alloy steel with a small amount of corrosion-resistant elements such as chromium, copper and nickel. By forming a dense oxide rust layer on the surface of the steel plate, it can effectively block the infiltration and transmission of corrosive medium and reduce the corrosion rate in the atmospheric environment. With the characteristics of strength, toughness, plastic extension, forming, welding and cutting, abrasion, high temperature and fatigue resistance of high-quality bridge steel, its weather resistance is 2 ~ 8 times that of ordinary carbon steel, which can be thinned, exposed or simplified for coating. The steel has the characteristics of rust resistance, corrosion resistance, life extension, thinning and consumption reduction, labor saving and energy saving, which can benefit component manufacturers and users. The coating cost saved by using weather resistant bridge steel is generally more than 10% of the construction investment. In recent years, as a "green" new material with long life, energy saving and environmental protection, weather resistant bridge steel conforms to today's concept and national development policy guidance, and its R & D and promotion are of great economic significance.

            weathering bridge beam steel

            Six advantages of Hegang Wugang are highlighted

            The height of the product determines the height of the enterprise. WISCO continues to focus on the re optimization of "two structures", guided by the demand of high-end customers and the high-quality development trend of the industrial chain, constantly promotes product upgrading and creates more "world first", "domestic first" and "singles champion" products. Standing at the strategic height of maintaining the safety of the national industrial chain, leading the high-quality development of the industry, and improving the core competitiveness and brand image, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has developed weather resistant bridge steel with various specifications and strong technical advantages, taking the R & D and promotion of new bridge steel as its own responsibility, leading the development direction of the new bridge steel market.

            At present, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Hegang can produce weather resistant bridge beam steel with yield strength of 235mpa ~ 690mpa according to GB714, GB1591, ASTM a709, en10025 and other standards. According to Dr. Gao ya, head of R & D in the field of bridge steel and vice minister of science and technology of Hegang Wugang, compared with many bridge steel manufacturers, the weather resistant bridge steel developed by Hegang Wugang has six unique technical advantages.

            First, the steel is pure. Phosphorus content ≤ 100ppm, sulfur content ≤ 30ppm, oxygen content ≤ 15ppm, nitrogen content ≤ 60ppm, hydrogen content ≤ 1.5ppm. The contents of these elements are lower than the standards specified by the industry. Second, low-carbon design. It can ensure good welding performance and can be welded directly without preheating, which is convenient for customers' later installation and production. Third, good low temperature toughness. It can meet the requirements of impact energy above 150j at - 40 ℃. Fourth, the weather resistance index is high. Weather resistance index ≥ 6.0 (more than 6.5 can be achieved), which can resist atmospheric and seawater corrosion and prolong service life. Fifth, excellent lamellar tear resistance. It can meet the requirements of Z35 level and is applicable to the range of beam column joints connected by welding technology with strong joint constraints and bearing the tensile force along the plate thickness direction. The national standard gb5313 "thickness direction performance steel plate" is formulated by the representative industry of Hegang and Wugang. Sixth, green environmental protection, thinning and consumption reduction. TMCP + tempering and other methods are adopted for delivery, with short delivery cycle, which can reduce the manufacturing cost for customers.

            In addition to the incomparable advantages of the above six other steel manufacturers, the weathering bridge steel currently developed by Hegang Wugang is divided into three categories in terms of supply status and process performance.

            One is TMCP, TMCP + tempered weathering bridge beam steel. Representative brands mainly include q345qenh, q370qenh, q420qenh, etc. the maximum production thickness is 80mm, and the executive standard is gb714-2015. The other is controlled rolling and normalized weathering steel. Representative brands include q355nhd / E and s355k2w produced by controlled rolling and normalizing process, and the Executive Standards are GB / t4171-2008, GB / t4172-2000, en10025-5, etc. The other is quenched and tempered weather resistant bridge beam steel. The representative brand is a709m-hps485w, which is produced by quenching and tempering process; The maximum production thickness is 90mm (TMCP + tempering production can be realized below 50mm); The executive standard is ASTM a709.

            steel plate River steel dance steel 

            On July 12, 2011, all the steel structures used for the construction of San Francisco auckland new Bay Bridge in the United States were successfully completed on July 11, and officially passed the acceptance of relevant U.S. departments, all of which met their acceptance standards. This indicates that nearly 50000 tons of River steel "Wugang brand" quenched and tempered weather resistant bridge steel a709m-hps485w steel plate has been successfully used to manufacture the world's top bridges.

            San Francisco auckland new bay bridge is a key project implemented by San Francisco with an investment of US $7.2 billion. It was completed and opened to traffic in 2013. The bridge is the world's largest span single tower self anchored seismic suspension steel structure bridge. The single tower column with a self weight of 13000 tons supports the weight of 70000 tons of the whole bridge, ranking first among similar bridges in the world; The seismic design is grade 8, which is the most seismic design of bridges in the world; The bridge deck is 70 meters wide, which is the largest single tower bridge in the world; The daily traffic flow reaches 300000 vehicles, and the bridge capacity ranks first in the world. The industry said that the bridge is the most technically difficult and expensive steel bridge project among similar steel bridges in the world. After completion, it will become a landmark building on the west coast of the United States. In 2006, Zhenhua heavy industry, an important strategic cooperative customer of Hegang Wugang, stood out in the competition with companies from Japan, South Korea and Western European developed countries, and undertook the fabrication of nearly 50000 tons of steel structures of bridge steel towers and bridges of San Francisco auckland new bay bridge.

            In order to meet the requirements of earthquake resistance, tension and pressure resistance of the bridge, the science and Technology Department of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Hegang quickly formulated and issued the production process scheme of relevant steel types required. According to the requirements of the contract, the manufacturer strictly implemented the process standards to ensure that one furnace into one furnace and one piece into one piece. The quality inspection, acceptance, warehousing and shipment were closely coordinated to ensure the high-quality delivery of nearly 50000 tons of steel plates. The sales staff made every effort to provide pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services to meet the engineering requirements of bridge steel tower and bridge steel structure manufacturing.

            He Gang Wu Gang weather resistant steel prop up 

            The world's largest span corrugated steel web low tower cable-stayed bridge

            On August 23, 2019, Yuncheng (Shanxi Yuncheng) Bao (Henan Lingbao) Yellow River Bridge was completed and opened to traffic. Hegang Wugang has supplied more than 3000 tons of high-performance weather resistant bridge steel for the project. The bridge is the world's largest span low tower cable-stayed bridge with corrugated steel webs. It is the first large-scale highway bridge with bare weather resistant steel in China, and won the 13th "Gold Award for steel structure in China". As one of the suppliers of steel materials for the bridge, q345qdnh developed and produced by Hegang Wugang is used in key parts of the bridge, once again highlighting the unique charm of "the first board in China".

            The bridge is divided into three parts: approach bridge, main bridge and auxiliary bridge. The approach bridge adopts 4 × 40m prestressed T-beam, 110 + 2 for main bridge × 200 + 110m corrugated steel web central single cable plane low tower cable-stayed bridge, and 48 + 9 is adopted for auxiliary bridge × 90 + 48m corrugated steel web rigid frame continuous composite system beam bridge. The main span of the main bridge is 200 meters, making the bridge the largest corrugated steel web low tower cable-stayed bridge in the world. And the project has the characteristics of "new, long, deep and dangerous". The corrugated steel webs of the main and auxiliary bridges and the steel beams of the main bridge are all bare with q345qdnh weather resistant steel, which effectively reduces the later maintenance and operation cost and increases the durability of the overall structure of the bridge.

            In early 2016, during a visit to the market, the marketing team of Hegang Wugang learned that an equipment manufacturer in Wuhan wanted to purchase a batch of high-performance bridge steel for the yunbao Yellow River project. Due to the special construction site of the project, high requirements are put forward for bridge steel. In addition to withstanding the tests of strong wind and severe cold climate erosion, there are also special requirements for steel strength, toughness, weldability and corrosion resistance.

            Guided by the special steel road and strong special steel brand, WISCO quickly formed a marketing and technical team to deeply communicate with the equipment manufacturer and the owner, accurately grasp the special needs of customers and provide targeted technical services. Facing the additional requirements put forward by users in terms of steel plate surface quality, Hegang Wugang gives full play to its strong technical advantages and fully meets the special conditions of users. In view of the users' exceeding the conventional requirements in the strength, toughness, weldability and corrosion resistance of the steel plate, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. innovated the production process and customized the exclusive supply scheme for it. In addition to making every effort to do a good job in the technical intervention in the early stage of the project, it also successively organized to overcome a number of production process organization difficulties to meet the ordering needs of users. Finally, at the bidding meeting of the project supplier, with strong brand quality advantages and unique, professional, meticulous and thoughtful technical services, Hegang Wugang won the unanimous recognition of the equipment manufacturer and the owner, won the bid in one fell swoop, and fully demonstrated the strong brand strength of Hegang Wugang wide and thick steel plate. Since then, in the process of supply, Hegang Wugang supplied goods in time according to the contract requirements, which was highly praised by users.

            This batch of high-performance weather resistant bridge beam steel supplied by Hegang Wugang has been used without coating in yunbao Yellow River Bridge, which not only speeds up the construction progress, but also eliminates the later bridge anti-corrosion maintenance, which is highly praised by the construction party.

            exclusive supply of Hegang Wugang 

            The longest weather resistant steel-concrete composite girder bridge in China

            On June 13, 2020, the longest weather resistant steel-concrete composite girder bridge in China - Jingyang River Bridge of Shaanxi Xizhen Expressway (Xixiang Zhenba) was successfully closed two months in advance. The 26000 tons of high-quality green and environment-friendly new material q345qdnh used in the bridge is developed by Hegang Wugang.

            Jingyang River Bridge of Xizhen expressway is 6.05 km long. For the first time in China, the bridge adopts the form of weather resistant steel-concrete composite beam bridge. The weather resistant steel made of q345qdnh is used. The steel can not only protect the steel matrix under the rust layer, but also greatly improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance by relying on the 50 μ m ~ 100 μ m thick dense and highly dependent protective film formed on its surface, The bearing capacity and service life are more than 10% higher than those of ordinary concrete bridges. In addition, due to the coating free process adopted by the whole bridge, the steel plate can be recycled after reaching the service life of 100 years, which will greatly reduce construction waste and truly realize green environmental protection and recycling.

            According to the personalized requirements of the project for materials in green and environmental protection, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. formed a "small and micro team of Jingyang River Super Bridge", carefully designed high-quality green and environmental protection materials for customers, formulated exclusive process schemes, and established an information communication channel integrating sales, technology, quality, production and shipment. In the production process, the small and micro team ensured the stability of the internal quality of the steel plate by accurately controlling the steelmaking composition; Many technological problems affecting the strength of steel plate in rolling and heat treatment have been solved successively, so that the atmospheric corrosion resistance, yield strength and tensile strength of steel plate all meet the upper limit requirements of national standards. With the full cooperation of the whole production line and functional departments, 26000 tons of high-quality weathering steel plates customized by Hegang Wugang for the project are delivered with high quality and high efficiency according to customer needs, laying the foundation for the smooth closure of Jingyang River Bridge two months in advance.

             Hegang Wugang high-end weather resistant bridge plate

            Set up Shaanxi Pingzhen Expressway to get rich road

            Up to now, Hegang Wugang has supplied 6500 tons of high-end weather resistant bridge steel q345qdnh (bridge d) for Shaanxi Pingli Zhenping Expressway (hereinafter referred to as Pingzhen Expressway) located in the depths of Qinling Mountains.

            As the high-end weather resistant bridge steel used in the project has complex process, difficult production, high quality requirements and short construction period, as the project contractor, China Railway Baoqiao first issued an invitation to Hegang Wugang. China Railway Baoqiao has a strategic cooperation friendship with the company for more than 20 years. Among the 176 bridges under construction and completed and used on the Yangtze River in China, hundreds of high-end bridge steel of Hegang Wugang have been used, such as Wuhu Yangtze River Highway and railway dual-purpose bridge, Wuhan yingwuzhou Yangtze River Bridge, Shanghai Hutong Yangtze River Bridge, etc., which has become the glory of Hegang Wugang bridge steel. After fierce competition, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. won the bid for 3500 tons of weather resistant bridge steel q345qdnh (bridge d). Subsequently, the Ministry of science and technology, sales department, marketing department, production department, steelmaking system and rolling system attached great importance to unified coordination and formulated strict process standards to ensure the high-quality completion of the production task of 3500 tons of high-end weather resistant bridge steel. Due to excellent quality and timely delivery, since then, Hegang Wugang has successively received additional orders from customers.

            It is reported that Pingzhen expressway has a total length of 85 kilometers, four lanes, a total length of 32294 meters / 83 bridges, and a total investment of 11.529 billion yuan. The road is an important part of the national expressway project construction. It plays a very important role in strengthening the communication and cooperation between "Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone" and "Yangtze River Economic Zone", promoting the circular economic development of Southern Shaanxi, improving the layout of regional road network and building an ecotourism corridor.

            weathering bridge beam steel of Hegang Wugang 

            Support the world's first sea crossing high-speed railway bridge

            On the afternoon of September 15, 2020, with the completion of the last concrete pouring, the main tower on the South Bank of Quanzhou Bay sea crossing bridge of Fuzhou Xiamen high speed railway (the world's first large-scale sea crossing project using coating free weather resistant steel) was successfully capped, which marks that the world's first sea crossing high speed railway bridge with a design speed of 350 km / h has entered the construction fast lane as a whole. The 3000 ton Ni q345qdnhy-i marine environment resistant bridge steel plate developed by Hegang Wugang supports the key parts of the project. In view of the corrosion problem of important bridge structures in the marine environment, Quanzhou Bay sea crossing bridge of Fuzhou Xiamen high speed railway innovated and adopted new materials in the construction of cable tower steel anchor beam and support. For the first time in China, it adopted marine atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel without coating (without paint) and dehumidification system. It has become the first large-scale sea crossing project in the world to adopt coating free weather resistant steel, It is suitable for the marine corrosive atmospheric environment with high salt and humidity.

            1ni marine environment resistant bridge steel plate is recognized as one of the "green and environmental protection steels in the new century" by the industry. It is a landmark product reflecting the R & D competitiveness of steel enterprises. It is mainly used in bridges, engineering machinery, marine facilities and other fields. In addition to the characteristics of high toughness, high strength, fatigue resistance and lamellar tear resistance, it also has good weldability and easy processing, And resistance to marine environmental corrosion, the market prospect is broad.

            Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Hegang has further promoted the re optimization of "two structures", relying on the advantages of the group's technology R & D platform and customer demand-oriented, focusing on creating high-quality products and leading the progress of the industry. According to the requirements of Quanzhou Bay sea crossing bridge project of Fuzhou Xiamen high speed railway, a research group was established to deeply connect with customers and provide customers with material solutions, which was recognized by customers. During the supply process, relying on the "four support systems", we innovated the smelting, rolling and heat treatment processes, broke through the industrial technical problems that the surface quality of steel is difficult to control under the design conditions of special composition of steel, realized the best matching of the surface quality of steel plate with high alloy content and corrosion resistance coefficient of marine climate, and successfully developed products with various performance indexes completely superior to the requirements of customers. Among them, the strength, low temperature toughness and marine atmospheric corrosion resistance of the products have reached the international leading level.

            At present, WISCO has supplied more than 130000 tons of high-quality weather resistant bridge steel to the market, which has made outstanding contributions to promoting the application of new steel materials and the development of national economy. At the same time, with the responsibility of developing more high-end bridge steel and serving the society, the bridge steel team of Hegang Wugang has successfully developed q500qenh and q690qenh in combination with national projects, making due contributions to the national promotion of high reinforcement, lightweight and green environmental protection of bridge steel.

            With the development of domestic railway steel bridges towards high-speed, heavy load, long-span and beautiful and novel structure, the market puts forward higher performance requirements for bridge steel. The production, marketing and research team of WISCO continues to adhere to the product R & D concept of "no one has me, no one has me, no one has me, no one is better than me, no one is better than me, no one is better than me, no one is better than me", give full play to the technical advantages, further strengthen the R & D management, constantly increase the R & D efforts of high-end new bridge steel, and lead the development of the industry. As the main participant, the project of "high performance bridge steel", the national key R & D plan of the 13th five year plan undertaken by Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Hegang, has made phased progress, and continued to make efforts to achieve a major breakthrough in the field of domestic bridge steel technology.